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Resident Proprietors Pete and Marguerite aquired Sunny Meadow in 2004, realising a long held dream. Having grown up in the area, they have a wealth of knowledge of the Penwith peninsula and will be delighted to advise you on what to do and where to go, should you require it. Their main ambition is to provide guests with a safe, secure and happy holiday.

Open all year, the Park gives visitors the chance to see Cornwall, not only in it’s well known summer holiday role but also in it’s more mysterious moods. From the gentle move into Autumn with it’s artistic palette of golden browns, to the awe inspiring sight of huge Atlantic waves crashing against granite cliffs in mid winter and then on to the sparkle of Spring with it’s rush of colour and reawakening. Whether taking a short break in winter, a Christmas vacation, or a full on Summer holiday, a visitor will return home blessed with the memory of what makes Cornwall a little bit different to the rest of Britain.


Sunny Meadows Luxury Caravans are all of modern design ranging in size from the Pemberton Elite to the Chardonnay. All caravans are fully equipped, click the picture above for more details.